Join Because Jewish for a community seder in Williamsburg.
Tuesday, April 11th, 6pm
@ The Hall at MP  (470 Driggs Ave)

WHAT TO EXPECT:                                                                     
** Kosher for Passover meal provided by Chef Russell Moss
** Rituals, teachings, thought-provoking conversations and meditations led by Rabbi Dan and Miriam Eisenberger
** Music and singing led by Avi Steinhardt
** Family fun seder table with activities for children and their parents

Seder Hosts:
Rabbi Dan Ain's latest project Because Jewish creates opportunities for our religious perspectives to be in genuine dialogue with our artists, our thinkers and our everyday lives. For the past decade, Rabbi Dan has been curating these offerings around NYC at the 92nd St Y (as Director of Tradition and Innovation), Brooklyn Bowl, City Winery and as the rabbi of The New Shul. A Conservative rabbi, Rabbi Dan is a Clal Resident and was ordained at The Jewish Theological Seminary in Morningside Heights.

Miriam Eisenberger, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker with over a decade of experience in the field of mental health and group work. Miriam is a dedicated proponent of integrating meditation practices into urban life, and believes that these skills are accessible to anyone once they are given some good introductory guidance. For years, she has studied with many great teachers from Buddhist, Jewish, and Mindfulness meditative traditions and enjoys integrating these varying perspectives into her teachings. She frequently teaches at the Jewish Meditation Center of Brooklyn and is a certified Mindfulness Teacher through The Mindfulness Institute.

Avi Steinhardt, LCSW is a Brooklyn based pianist who plays improvisational interpretations from the Great American Songbook. For the better part of a decade, Avi has been exploring the essence and depth of these tunes with Jazz Improvisation master, Connie Crothers, with whom he has dedicated himself to the pursuit of spontaneity.


Matzah, charotzet, hard boiled eggs and...
* Beef brisket - deliciously cooked soft flavored with red wine, laurel and seasonal aromatics
* Lake Victoria perch - meaty white fish with lots of garlic and fresh tomato
* Roasted butternut squash - sweet and savory
* Braised kale and onions
* Israeli salad
* Chicken fingers - for the kids
* Fennel salad - fresh shaved fennel w/red onion and balsamic
* Crunchy fresh vegetables with lemon and olive oil

* Honey Cake
* Fresh ground nuts and matzo meal soaked in honey orange syrup.
* Fresh fruit

Kosher wine and grape juice.

Group Seating Available (ten or more people per table) available for those who want to enjoy their own intimate conversation with their friends and families (for group pricing contact

About Because Jewish:
Because Jewish curates emotional, intellectual, mind-firing-on-all-cylinders explorations of God and faith and Judaism in this crazy modern world we live in. Through unique venues, experiential meditations, personal offerings, and deep reflections on what it means to be alive, we create vessels for spontaneous community. We strive to bring Judaism into the now. To make it as moving as music, as uplifting as art, as unsettling as literature, as rich as ritual, as comforting as community, as compelling as good conversation. And to use those art forms, and many others, to make Judaism sudden and powerful to us, right now.