Prayer, Meditation and Jazz Improvisation.  

Come conclude the Shabbat with friends and family.

Join Rabbi Dan, Miriam, and Avi Steinhardt for conversation, meditation and havdalah in Williamsburg.

Saturday, March 25th @ 5pm

For location and to RSVP email:

All are welcome.

Rabbi Dan Ain's latest project Because Jewish creates opportunities for our religious perspectives to be in genuine dialogue with our artists, our thinkers and our everyday lives. For the past decade, Rabbi Dan has been curating these offerings around NYC at the 92nd St Y (as Director of Tradition and Innovation), Brooklyn Bowl, City Winery and as the rabbi of The New Shul. A Conservative rabbi, Rabbi Dan is a CLAL Resident and was ordained at The Jewish Theological Seminary in Morningside Heights.

Miriam Eisenberger, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker with over a decade of experience in the field of mental health and group work. Miriam is a dedicated proponent of integrating meditation practices into urban life, and believes that these skills are accessible to anyone once they are given some good introductory guidance. For years, she has studied with many great teachers from Buddhist, Jewish, and Mindfulness meditative traditions and enjoys integrating these varying perspectives into her teachings. She frequently teaches at the Jewish Meditation Center of Brooklyn and is a certified Mindfulness Teacher through The Mindfulness Institute.

Avi Steinhardt is a Brooklyn based pianist who plays improvisational interpretations from the Great American Songbook. For the better part of a decade, Avi has been exploring the essence and depth of these tunes with Jazz Improvisation master, Connie Crothers, with whom he has dedicated himself to the pursuit of spontaneity.