FRIDAY MARCH 1st 2019 - ACE OF CUPS in Conversation with Mike Greenhaus, Editor-in-Chief Relix Magazine and Rabbi Daniel Brenner

The Legendary Ace of Cups

The Beloved All-Female Rock Group from the 1960s San Francisco Psychedelic Scene

From 1967 to 1972, the Ace of Cups were at the epicenter of the ‘60s cultural and social revolution. From the Acid Tests to the protests, from the free concerts in Golden Gate Park to the ballrooms of San Francisco, they shared stages with everyone from TheBand to the Grateful Dead, and were chosen to open for Jimi Hendrix the week after his groundbreaking performance at The Monterey Pop Festival.

Come hear them talk about that time as well as share how Judaism and spirituality have played a part in their lives. Conversation and music with Mile G. and Reb Brenner.


Ace of Cups Band

Ace of Cups Band

Each Jam includes: Friday Night Ritual, Conversation about Music and Spirituality, Audience Q & A, and more...

“The jamband and roots-rock scene that Relix grew out of has always been defined by its traditions and rituals dating back to the Grateful Dead, and I hope this series can explore some of the spiritual matters at the heart of each artists’ musical journey.”

– Mike Greenhaus, Editor-in-Chief, Relix