"Sit in the Middle" with Rabbi Dan & Alana Kessler

Sitting in separate worlds, Rabbi Dan and Alana Kessler come together to help us explore the space in between Judaism and Buddhism, asking: In this charged world, what are the methods that we can adopt as a way to live? What are the anchors that tether us amidst so much unrest? And can we do the work the heals?

As your hosts for this evening of internal and external investigation, Alana and Rabbi Dan will sit with you in the middle, a place where - amidst uncertainty - sacred space resides.

Alana Kessler finds her passion to contribute through integrating the mind and body to receive, assimilate, accept and transform intrinsic and extrinsic information supporting the transitions of day to day living influenced by both inherited and present day consciousness patterns. Through Alana's unique Method Mapping technique she has designed The BE WELL ARC System for a refined practice in health & wellness. Spiritually curious from an early age, she continues to grow herself by dedication to ritual, inspired by the fluidity of eastern religions and the deep respect to her roots in Judaism. She is a vocal artist, dietician and a yoga practitioner for almost two decades, and has taught mindfulness and yoga in NYC for over 10 years.

Sun, March 18, 5:45PM

The Shala Yoga House

816 Broadway, #1, NY, NY

You can learn more about Alana's practice and wellness offerings at   www.bewellbyak.com .

You can learn more about Alana's practice and wellness offerings at  www.bewellbyak.com.