"Amazingly, this is the fifth year that Rabbi Dan Ain and I will be leading Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services. To celebrate year 5 together, Dan suggested that I record an album of the music I have developed for the services, along with drummer John Bollinger and organist Shoko Nagai. We decided to focus on the Kol Nidre liturgy as the focal point around which the record would be organized. The album cover features a painting by Archie Rand, taken from his renowned connection "The 613". Archie has been very supportive of this project and kindly let us use his images.

Kol Nidre contains nothing but enigmas—it is a fairly dry legalistic text that has come to be looked at as soul drenched poetry, ringing tears from the eyes of the people as they contemplate their mortality. The famous Kol Nidre melody is considered one of the oldest in the cantorial music canon, dating to the Middle Ages, and yet it’s melody plainly bears the mark of 'modern' European classical music influence, attesting to the endless changes that Jewish sacred music is constantly undergoing. On this record I try to take all of these paradoxes into account, drawing from the arcane and the earthy, the folkloric and the modernist, to make something that holds true to the beautiful shape-shifting of the cantorial music tradition."  - Jeremiah Lockwood

Jeremiah Lockwood and Shoko Nagai perform "Ribono Shel Olam" at The Friday Night Jam

Official music video for Jeremiah Lockwood's "Revive the Dead"